The products of Pointman Oy are safe and high quality which bring the pleasure to every user.
Below a brief introduction to our products.

Spa pools

Customizing: Therapy pools, Multi-function pools, Special pools

Water slides

Tylö Steam- and Infra-red saunas

Spa pools

We have 3 basic, customizable pool models (from 6 to 18 persons), that are designed to public premises. Based on these models, we can modify the design to satisfy customers needs. The shape of the pool, or even the amount of entrances can be increased, if necessary.

For every model, it is possible to add different equipment, such as the led-lighting, infra red switches to control the nozzle´s air flow or for example loudspeakers.

Surface material is a fibre reinforced polyester resin and gelcoat coating. When wanted, it´s possible to have the outer border(the upper part of the water surface), tiled from mosaic plates.

Our smaller standard models (Queen 29 and Caribbean 35) can be delivered, if necessary, for example as 2-3 elements to facilitate transport and can be connected when installing.
Our biggest standard model (Ocean 44), therapy- and other customized pools are always delivered in at least two parts.

Customizing: Therapy pools, Multi-function pools, Special pools

We can design a suitable pool to the totally unique customer's needs. To start the project we only need a preliminary sketch drawing/sketch plan.

The therapy pools have been designed into therapy use, primarily for the communities and institutions, for example to the rehabilitation institutions. The pools are always designed by based on to the order and are equipped according to the customer's needs.

Multi-function pools and special pools are, as well as therapy pools, designed by based on to the customer's needs. With the several pool delivery for example, a smaller cold water pool and a bigger spa pool can be delivered with the necessary water treatment equipment.

Water slides

Special water slide model developed by the Pointman Oy, of which geometry gives more freedom and alternatives to the realisation. The slide can for example either totally or partly go indoors and outdoors.

The curve shares of slides are made with the radius of 1,8 metres and 2,4 metres. In all of the curve elements there is constant a special high side(1,1m) which improves safety.

Our manufacturing method also makes the special parts, such as the integration of a braking, tunnel and similar parts possible. We also make the spin-offs required for the wholeness, such as staircases and start terraces with their railings and steps with slip preventing surface and water flowing gutters.
For example, the steps of staircases are safe to use, because the water which accumulates to the surface flows away and the slipping risk decreases.


Pointman Oy is the importer of high-quality Tylö sauna products. For example the steam saunas, infra red saunas and traditional stove saunas are in our wide selection.

We also deliver the compact steam room packages, which can be easily installed during the repair/renovation project and are quick to install even in a few days.

Furthermore, the necessary extra equipment, such as TYLÖ fresh fregrance´s, fregrance pumping, disinfection and many more are found through us.

You can find more info on the Tylö website.